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Help Community Music Center make music accessible to all!

The joy of music belongs to everyone

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"In a word, we are devoted to an ideal - the love of the beautiful in music, which, we think, is the greatest and most comprehensive course that can be devised for the development of human intelligence.

- Gertrude Field, Founding Executive Director, Community Music Center

Community Music Center's mission is to make music accessible to people of all ages, musical levels, and financial backgrounds. Our students range in age from one to 90+ years old and enjoy classes in everything from Western classical to Chinese to Latin Music. Community Music Center has branches in the Mission and Richmond districts, as well as programs throughout the city.

A tradition of excellence. Founded in 1921, Community Music Center is one of the oldest and largest community arts organizations on the West Coast. From our teachers to our office staff, we're all committed to sharing our love of music and helping our students succeed.